How far into the future can I learn about channel availability?

For planning purposes, users of WSD might be interested in learning of channel availability into the future. To assist with this, WSDB considers channel availability for 48 hours into the future from the time of the query.

This is outlined in Section 14 of DBS-01 — White Space Database Specifications which is as follows:

14. Database Access Initialization and Reverification Procedures

  1. A WSDB shall provide fixed and mode II personal/portable WSDs with channel availability information and shall include any scheduled changes in channel availability within the coming 48 hours, upon initialization and reverification of WSD contact.
  2. A WSDB may provide available channel information to mode II personal/portable WSDs for locations beyond their current position and use that information to define a geographic area within which they could operate on the same available channels at all locations.

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