What information is required for Fixed WSD Registration?

7.2.1 Fixed WSD Registration

A WSDB shall provide a registration facility for fixed WSD users served by the WSDB. This information is to be collected from the users to facilitate investigations in the event that harmful interference occurs.

A WSDB shall collect the following information from fixed WSD users:

  1. Name of the individual or business that owns the device (e.g. the Internet Service Provider (ISP) providing the service not the ISP's customers);
  2. Name of a contact person responsible for resolving interference issues related to the device's operation;
  3. Mailing address for the contact person;
  4. Valid email address for the contact person; and
  5. Phone number for the contact person.

The registration information shall be considered public.

Prior to registering a WSD for the first time, a WSDB shall verify that the above-mentioned information for the registration is complete and that a verified email address has been provided by the fixed WSD user.

Above information extracted from DBS-01 at http://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/smt-gst.nsf/eng/sf10928.html#s7.2.1

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