What information is required for LPA Scheduling registration?

7.2.3 LPA Scheduling Information

A WSDB shall provide a facility for users of LPA to register scheduling and location information.

(a) A WSDB shall obtain the following time-of-use scheduling information from any licensed LPA wishing to be protected from WSDs:

  1. Name of the individual or business responsible for an LPA;
  2. Contact address;
  3. Valid email address for contact person;
  4. Phone number for contact person;
  5. Geographical coordinates (see NAD83) of the location or area(s) of operation where the LPA will be used;
  6. TV channels used by the LPA at the indicated site(s) (see Footnote2)
  7. Specific hours, days, weeks and/or months when the LPA will be used (Note that on dates when an LPA is not in use, the site will not be offered protection from WSDs); and
  8. The LPA's licence number.

(b) With regard to item (a)(v) above, the following parameters should be noted:

  1. The area of operation for an LPA may be defined as a point and radius area or as a quadrilateral. Multiple registrations that specify more than one point in the facility may be entered for very large sites.
  2. Under the point and radius option, the operational location(s) of the LPA can be defined using up to 25 geographical points at any one time, with a maximum radius of operation of 500 metres around any point; or
  3. Under the quadrilateral option, the operational location(s) of the LPA can be defined based on the edges of straight lines connecting the vertices (geographic points) of the quadrilateral.
      1. Each quadrilateral must be specified with four geographic points and the distance between any two adjacent points must be limited to 3 km.
      1. In cases where an LPA occupies a larger area, up to four non-contiguous quadrilaterals may be registered.

Online registration of LPA can be facilitated by directly accessing designated WSDBs as indicated on the following Industry Canada website:http://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/smt-gst.nsf/eng/h_sf10498.html.

(c) A WSDB shall confirm that an LPA that wishes to register its time-of-use scheduling information in the database has a valid licence according to the Industry Canada database. If none exists, the WSDB shall reject the registration of the LPA, and return a message to contact Industry Canada for a licence.

(d) All registrations shall be considered public.

Footnote 2: For an LPA that is used on a fixed basis, the WSDB shall only allow the registration of the frequency or frequencies specified on the licence. For ENG-type LPA it is not necessary to perform this check.

Above information extracted from DBS-01 at http://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/smt-gst.nsf/eng/sf10928.html#s7.2.3

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