What information is required to register TV Receive Site and Cable TV Head-ends?

7.2.2 TV Receive Site Registration and Cable TV Head-ends

A WSDB shall provide a registration process for TV receive sites that qualify for protection underSection 7.2.1.

A WSDB shall obtain the following registration information from TV receive-site users wishing to be protected from WSDs:

  1. Names of the individuals or businesses responsible for each TV receive site;
  2. Contact addresses;
  3. Valid email addresses for contact persons;
  4. Phone numbers for contact persons;
  5. Coordinates of the location of the TV receive site;
  6. Channels received at the TV receive site and their call signs; and
  7. Call sign of the transmitter associated with the receive site or the cable operation number for cable TV head-ends.

The registrations shall be considered public.

A WSDB shall confirm that the TV receive site being registered is associated with an Industry Canada-authorized call sign.

A WSDB shall confirm that the TV receive site or cable TV head-end being registered resides no farther than 80 km outside the nearest edge of an associated protected contour.

If the information cannot be validated, the WSDB shall reject the registration of the TV receive site or the cable TV head-end, and return a message to contact Industry Canada for authorization.

Above information extracted from DBS-01 at http://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/smt-gst.nsf/eng/sf10928.html#s7.2.2

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