Which whitespace channels are available for different device (WSD) types?

The frequency bands/channels authorized for use by WSDs are shown in Table 1 below:

Frequency Bands (MHz) TV Channels Personal/Portable WSD ( Mode I and Mode II ) Fixed WSD
54-60 2 Not permitted
60-72 3-4* Not permitted Not permitted
76-88 5-6 Not permitted
174-216 7-13 Not permitted
470-512 14-20 Not permitted
512-608 21-36
608-614 37** Not permitted Not permitted
614-698 38-51
Table notes

* Channels 3 and 4 (60-72 MHz) have been excluded from the list due to the use of these channels by consumer electronic devices in North America.

** Channel 37 (608-614 MHz) has been excluded to protect the operation of radio astronomy and wireless medical telemetry.

A WSDB shall only provide available channels, depending on the type of WSD (fixed or personal/portable) under discussion, from among those listed above. The availability of channels will be subject to the constraints related to the location and use of active TV broadcast stations and remote rural broadband systems.

* Above information excerpted for your convenience from "DBS-01 - White Space Database Specifications" document at http://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/smt-gst.nsf/eng/sf10928.html

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